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New Detox Energie Treatment

28 November 2019

Day to day living results in accumulated stress on our skin. Couple this will age, hormonal activity and pollution and the result is accelerated aging, dull and devitalised skin.
The new Detox Energie Line efficiently combats 92% of pollution attacks on the skin and specific botanical extracts also improve intracellular health and promote a younger looking and younger performing skin.
Increase skins resistance to environmental stress and improve overall radiance and luminosity.

Inspired by the Jardins Sothys, the sustainable botanical gardens in the region of Correze France, the Sothys Advanced research team has created a range of products and a 75-minute intensive treatment which combat environmental stress and compliment the Sothys Youth solution.
The line features a patented trio of actives that effectively combat the effects of pollution and promoted optimal cellular functioning.
• Organic elderberry
• Organic Siberian ginseng root
• Detoxifying biomimetic peptides
This trio reduces the impact of pollution on the skin, as well as preserving and boosting cellular energy. Sothys has combined the best of nature with the best of science so that the skin becomes more resilient, the texture more even and the complexion luminous.
Why the big focus on pollution?
Pollution is a major contributor to ill health and death across the globe and the misconception is that the effects are noticed only in urban areas. Tests in fact indicate that rural locations often present with higher levels of toxins and pollution than some cities. This is on account of the agricultural and farming activities in the area. Even those lucky enough to live way off the beat and track cannot escape as weather systems move contaminated air across the earth.
The formation of reactive oxygen derivatives which occur on exposure to pollutions, leads to the production of inflammatory mediators. This drops the skins immune system. A major oxidation process occurs, hydration levels drop, barrier function becomes impaired and an increase in sebaceous secretions occurs as the skin struggles to regulate and protect itself.
Inside the cell is the mitochondria or ‘powerhouse’. This is an important organelle (tiny cellular structure) housed within the cell that produces an energy (ATP – adenosine triphosphate) that fuels the cell. If a reduction in the energy level occurs, the cell loses functionality and the ability to detoxify itself. Cellular oxygenation reduces and ultimately this leads to apoptosis or cellular death. Remember that cells make tissue, tissue makes organs, what is the biggest organ in the body? Skin! It is therefore important to look after and maintain the mitochondria functioning to insure good overall cell health.
Pollution, external aggressions and the resulting stress’ will alter mitochondrial functioning. The energy or ATP levels reduce and the mitochondria’s movements and communication within the cell also become compromised. The cells defence systems reduce and toxin infiltration into the cell increases. If we don’t have healthy, functional cells, the skin will age prematurely.

The new Detox Energie Intensive Treatment is a 1h15min deep cleansing treatment facial to combat environmental stress and increase skin radiance. Plus it includes a take home gift for to use for 7 days post treatment!

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